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Various booklets, postcard sets and collection of scientific articles were published by the museum. All these are possible to purchase in the museum shop.

Booklet series «Artists of Goznak»

Berezina V.A. Artists of 1920-s

1920-s was the time of artistic renaissance after hard years of war and revolution. Many talented people collaborated with Goznak and managed to keep the beast traditions of banknote design.

Chistikova E.A. Charleman Adolf.

He was the battle painter and tried his talent in banknote design.
The main milestones of life and creative biography of the artist are listed, the main subjects of his sketches are analyzed. The booklet is illustrated with sketches from Goznak funds.

Chistikoa EA. Mikeshin Mikhail

Initially Mikeshin was an architect but managed to try his talent in banknote design. Unfortunately none of his sketches was approved.

Berezina V.A. Dubasov Ivan

The booklet is dedicated to the legend of Goznak I. Dubasov. This artist took part in the creation of almost all Soviet banknotes since the 1920s. The author considers the work of Dubasov on the creation of money marks, awards, postage stamps, etc. As illustrations are given previously unpublished sketches by I.I. Dubasov from the collection of Goznak.

Ushakova Y.L. Bilibin Ivan

He was the first one who illustrated classical Russian fairy tales and fairy tales by Alexander Pushkin.
He also designed calendars, post stamps and etc.

Chernisheva N.S. Zarrin Richard.

One of the most talented banknote designers of the beginning of 20th century.

Zhdankova E.A. Anton Vasyutinsky

Booklet is dedicated to one of the well known ant talented portrait medalist of the 19th-20th centuries. He designed the last imperial and the first soviet coins and medals.

Booklets about museum collection

Bogdanov A.A. From kerenka to sovznak.

Booklet was issued in 2017 when the same-name temporary exposition was opened. The theme of exposition  was devoted to the period of revolution and long Civil war.

Collection of scientific articles

Postcard sets