Children's booklets "Adventures of Gurtik in the world of money"

The courageous teddy bear Gurtik is one of the popular heroes of the children's programs of the Museum of the History of Money. Using it, you can now make an exciting journey into the world of coins and banknotes, including on the pages of the new booklet. The guys will learn how they made coins in Russia, how many kopecks were in the altyn, where paper money was printed in the century before last, and how many mints are now in Russia. The stories are accompanied by assignments - young readers have to find the differences between the banknote in circulation and its project; Search for missing picture elements on coins; remember where the mint mark is located on the coins, and even come up with and draw your own coins and banknotes.
The text of the booklet "The Adventures of Gurtik in the World of Money" was prepared by the guide of the Museum of the History of Money - Elizaveta Zhdankova.
The booklet is designed for children aged 6 - 10 years.
Цена: 400 ₽