Guided tours to book

Organized groups by appointment can order sightseeing tours, educational and thematic programs adapted to different age categories.

You can leave a request for the tour (at least three days before the expected date of the visit) by phone: 8 (812) 324-14-68, 8-921-415-25-34 or e-mail In case of filing an application by e-mail, it is necessary to get a confirmation from the museum staff about the possibility of conducting the excursion on the date and time indicated in the application.

You can make an application for the excursion service using the online service (located in the upper right corner of the page). The museum staff will contact you to confirm the reservation.

The cost of excursion service by appointment - 2000 rubles (for a group of 1 to 20 people) + the cost of entrance tickets (the cost of ticket for adults - 200 rubles; for children over 7 years, students and pensioners - 100 rubles).

The cost of excursion service by appointment for groups of students of secondary and specialized secondary education institutions - 1000 rubles (for a group of 1 to 15 people) + the cost of entrance tickets for the excursion participants - 100 rubles).

More information about the cost of tickets to the Museum of Money History - in the section «Tickets».

Sightseeing Tours
Themed Tours
Educational activities

Sightseeing tours are held for both adults and school groups. For groups of preschool children excursions are not conducted.

Duration sightseeing tours for adults – from 40 to 50 minutes. During the tour, guests get acquainted with the history of monetary circulation in Russia - from commodity-money and the first coins that found in the territory of Russia to modern banknotes and electronic means of payment. Excursion participants will see everything main types of coins and banknotes of Russia, including unique and rare specimens that are not in the collections of other museums. The guide will tell you when the first ruble and the first penny, why the "Copper riot" happened and what was monetary reform of Peter I. Tour participants will be able to "visit" mint and paper mill of the XVIII century, find out which revolutionaries wanted to put on Soviet banknotes and how much preserved gold coins issued in memory of the centenary of V.I. Lenin.

After a sightseeing tour, visitors can independently continue acquaintance with the museum.

Sightseeing tours for school groups adapted to features of the perception of information by students  of different age. 

Sightseeing Tours for School Groups

For elementary and high school

“When the money was fluffy” (Grades 1–5).

Duration - 30 minutes.

Students will travel in time and find out:

  • what our ancestors used in Russia before they appeared coins;
  • how coins were made in the era of Peter I;
  • why did paper money appear;
  • who was the ancestor of modern cash registers apparatuses;
  • why the stoves were stoked with money.