Guided tours on schedule

Guided tours on schedule daily:

Guided tours are in Russian. Duration is 40-50 minutes. Ticket office is in the main building of the museum in Cavaier of the Peter and Paul fortress.

Attention: tickets to the museum are not sold by internet services.

Ticket prices for the guided tours on schedule:

If you had bought just an entrance ticket but want to join the guided tour you can purchase an extra guided service ticket for the price of 50 rubles.

More information about prices here – «Tickets» Also museum offers thematic guided tours on schedule devoted to different historical events and dates during days-off, state holidays and school vacations.

The schedule of thematic guided tours is here «Events».

ТThematic excursions on schedule:

«Animal stories» (6-10 years attendant by adults)

Duration – 30 minutes

The museum teddy bear needs help! His friend small mice was enchanted by the wizard and turned into copper coin. To rescue mice we need to complete the dream team of animal heroes who gonna help teddy bear. Among them are dragon, mitten and even tiger.

«Magical coin box» (10-14 years attended by adults)

Duration – 40 minutes.

Authentic coins and banknotes will tell many secrets and legends of Russian money history.

«Searching for the money trove» (7+ attendant by adults)

Duration – 40 minutes

Kids will discuss with the museum guide what is money trove, how it could look like in various epochs, they will have a look at the authentic trove of silver dirhams (over 1000 years old), old Russian and even Soviet coins. Using special code school kids are gonna find the real coin trove and will try to identify the time, circumstances when it was hidden and its historical value.

«Money in Russian literature» (14+ and adults)

Duration – 45 minutes.

The visitors will find out what kind of money was used by different heroes of classical Russian literature and what nicknames the money had been given in various periods of national history. How much was the dowry in the 18th century , was it expensive to cross the river Neva in St. Petersburg by boat in the imperial times? You will have a chance to have a look at the authentic coins and banknotes mentioned in the novels of Alexander Pushkin, Fedor Dostoevsky. Some coins and banknotes is gonna be possible even to hold!
In the end of the tour the visitors can try to make an order in money heap using one of the multimedia devices in our museum .

«To save, to wear, to keep and hide» ( 10+ and adults)

Duration – 40 minutes.

The visitors will find out what was the reason to keep so called «fish scale» coins behind the cheek, how special vessels of 16-17th centuries for hiding coins looked like. The collection of coin – boxes and wallets, coin adornments, coin and banknote hoards are on display also.

«True or false» (+ 10 and adults)

Duration – 40 minutes.

This guided tour is like a quiz. He guide will tell plenty of money legends and open all the secrets o the guests of the museum: if Peter I really had met Isaac Newton or not, if Russian Cossaks and entrepreneurs had counterfeited coins or not, if it was possible to purchase the cow for 5 kopeks before the revolution, if post stamps were used instead of money.

Special excursion programs are also possible in the museum