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The exhibition "Soviet Coins: From the NEP to Perestroika" presents the tools for the soviet coins  minted in Great Britain in 1924.
In February of 1924 the first Soviet coins were put into circulation marking the final stage of the monetary reform of 1922-1924. Minting silver coins with the coat of arms of the RSFSR was "in stock" since 1921. And in 1924 were developed and minted coins with the coat of arms of the Soviet Union - copper and silver ones. The first coins of the USSR were minted not only at the Leningrad Mint.  The order to mint silver and copper coins was placed at the London mint in 1924.

The British specialists made tools for minting siver 50 kopeks and made several proof coins according to Soviet designs. They differed from their Leningrad "counterparts" in depth of relief, emblem design and some features of the image: the difference in the technology of coin production in various countries had an effect. On the ridge of the proof coins were the initials of the chief assayer of the Royal Mint, Thomas Rose “T.R”.Soviet representatives demanded unity in the design of "Leningrad" and "London" coins. Therefore coins of "Leningrad" pattern were minted on a mass scale in Great Britain, and the initials of the proof were corrected according to the new spelling in russian - "T.P". The "London"  silver 50 kopeks became one of the most famous and, at the same time, the rarest of the Soviet proof coins.
In the collection of Goznak these coins are not presented, but the"English" tools of the test coins were preserved. Most likely they were brought to Leningrad after fulfillment of the order. The collection of Goznak also keeps copies of plaster models of the obverse and reverse of the trial 50 kopeks. They were presented to the General Director of JSC Goznak, A. V. Trachuk, in 2014 by Princess Anna of Great Britain during her visit to the St. Petersburg Mint.
You can see the mintage Soviet coins made in Great Britain at the exhibition "Soviet Coins: From the NEP to Perestroika", which is open until the end of this year in the House of Stock Capitals, Peter and Paul Fortress.