Five years with you

[30.06.2021 11:57:39]

On July 1, 2021 it will be five years since the Russian money museum of "Goznak" JSC was opened. On this day all guests of the museum when buying tickets will receive a token "In memory of a visit to the museum" as a gift.

During the last five years around 170 thousand people visited the museum. The guides have conducted more than 5.5 thousand tours and developed 34 thematic programs. The museum staff prepared 185 publications in scientific and popular print media.
Our museum began its work in July 2016 in the Anninsky Cavalier of the Peter and Paul Fortress. This gave everyone the opportunity to get acquainted with the rarest items from the unique collection of Goznak. Not only all the main kinds of banknotes ever circulating in Russia but also unrealized projects of banknotes and coins, trial coins, stamping tools and also approved samples of banknotes with autographs of Russian emperors and ministers are represented in the museum exposition. In addition, the creation of the museum for the first time opened the Cavalier, a monument of architecture of the 18th century, and the surrounding territory to the public.
The use of modern multimedia technologies in the museum exposition makes the process of getting acquainted with the museum comfortable and exciting for guests of all ages.
To better acquaint the general public with the collection of Goznak, the museum  annually holds thematic exhibitions, which complement the permanent exhibition, and also conducts active educational and research work.
Since 2018, under the auspices of the museum, the international scientific conference "Money in Russian History: Issues of Production, Circulation, Existence" has been held, which is now one of the three main events in the field of numismatics and bonistics. Employees of the museum regularly speak at all-Russian and international scientific conferences devoted to numismatics, bonistics and related disciplines.
The museum is actively engaged in publishing activities. The album "Unissued money", the memoirs collection "The Money of Our Childhood", the book "The World of Animals on Coins", the booklet series "The Artists of Goznak", the book "Soviet Coins: From the NEP to Perestroika", and also booklets and books for children of different ages have been published.
The museum  of "Goznak" JSC was recognized by the professional community.  In 2016, the museum was awarded an honorary diploma of the "Museum Olympus" contest in the category "Exposition of the Year". In 2017, the museum's multimedia complex won the "Best Audiovisual Solution for Museums" nomination at the ProIntegration Awards professional competition. And in 2021, our museum won twice in the competition "Corporate Museum" - in the categories "Museum Research" and "Best Corporate Museum".
The most important award is the feedback from museum visitors: "It is very interesting to listen to excursions. You won't fall asleep in this museum!"; "Thank you so much to the museum staff! Interesting, informative and modern!"; "I liked it very much. You won't see it for once, we came two times"; "...To say I liked it - can't say anything. We were thrilled. Inimitable! Super interesting! We will recommend it to our friends.
The team of the museum thanks all our visitors for their interest and appreciation. A special word of thanks to our partners who helped and supported the Museum during these five years: the Bank of Russia, State Hermitage Museum, State Historical Museum, Russian Museum, Ethnography Museum, National Library of Russia, Russian companies and collectors.
The museum is constantly evolving. The main exposition adds new multimedia products and new exhibits reflecting the work of Goznak companies. At the end of the year, guests of the museum will see new installations which will tell about the modern technologies of Goznak. There is also prepared to open a workshop on hand-made paper casting.