Золотой червонец 1925 года

Это червонец представляет собой редчайшую пробу с гербом СССР (до этого червонцы чеканились с гербом РСФСР)




26 September
Records of our museum The biggest Russian coins – 5 kilo gold and silver coins minted in the 21st century by St.Petersburg mint are on display. Among exhibits are the smallest coins as well.
26 September
How Napoleon was issuing Russian money Bank in Saint-Petersburg. 1834.
State banknote. 50 rubles. Counterfeited by Napoleons’ army.
26 September
Money made of silver wire Coins minted of wire got the name of “fish scales”. Coins are small but nevertheless very often have “rich” design – not only people but also fantastic animals are minted on them.

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